1. Introduction and Overview

What do governors do?

The governing body works with the headteacher and the staff at the school to make sure the school provides good quality education for all its pupils, and constantly strives to improve. Governors don’t need specialist skills, just an ability to listen, think through new ideas, and decide what’s best for the school as part of a team. They need to set high expectations and ask challenging questions, but are not expected to make day to day decisions about how the school is run. That’s the job of the headteacher and senior staff.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

In addition to ensuring that the school carries out its statutory responsibilities, the three key roles of a governing body are to:

  • provide strategic direction for the school;
  • monitor the performance of the school and constantly look to raise standards;
  • ensure sound financial management and accountability.

This means that as a governor, you will be involved in:

  • Deciding how the budget should be spent and ensuring good value for money
  • Making sure the curriculum provides for and challenges all pupils
  • Making sure the school buildings are welcoming, safe and well used
  • Setting and monitoring the school’s values, aims and policies
  • Appointing the Head and Deputy Head and assisting the Head in appointing other staff
  • Reviewing the performance of the Headteacher annually, and setting targets for the following year

The Sub Committees

There are full Governing Body meetings each term. Much of the work however is carried out in sub committees.

2. Current Governing Body Information

 Governor Appointment Information    

Register of Interest


Governor Full Name Date of Appointment Term of Office (years) Appointing / Elective Body Relevant Business / Pecuniary Interests  Other Educational Establishments Governed Material Relationships (with staff or governors) 

Mr Peter Patterson (Chair)

31/08/15  4 Foundation None –   
Winefride Claber  01/09/15 Foundation None –  – 
Mr P Dawson  26/04/16 Foundation None –  Husband of Mohsna Dawson
Angela Whitworth 10/02/17 Foundation None –  – 
Peter Patterson  31/08/15 Foundation None –  – 
Ms Margaret Meehan 31/08/15 4 Foundation  None    
Sara Tattersall  31/08/15 Parent  None –  – 
Mrs Kelly Reading   Parent None –  – 
Cathryn Ball (Vice chair)   LA  None –  – 
Mohsna Dawson   Associate Member  None –  Wife of Paul Dawson
Chris Hanson    1 Executive Headteacher  None    
Helen Williamson   1 Head of School  None    

3. Governing Board Sub-Committees Information 2018-2019

  • Curriculum and Pupils:
Mrs Angela Whitworth RE, Numeracy, Year 5, Year 6
Miss M Meehan Literacy, Year 2
Councillor C Ball Year 3, Year 4
Mrs Kelly Reading ICT, SEN, EYFS
Mrs S Tattersall Year 1
  • Disciplinary: All governors (of whom three will be chosen)
  • Disciplinary Appeals:  Councillor C Ball, Mrs Win Claber
  • Eco Governor: Mrs Kelly Reading
  • Finance / Premises: Mr P Patterson, Mr Paul Dawson, Mrs Sara Tattersall, Mr Chris Hanson
  • Health and Safety: Mrs Win Claber
  • Human Resources: Miss M Meehan, Mr Paul Dawson, Mrs Kelly Reading
  • Headteacher’s Performance Management Objectives: Mr Paul Dawson, Mr Peter Patterson
  • Link Governor: Mr Peter Patterson
  • Safeguarding: Mrs Win Claber

4. Governors who positions expired or who left during 2016-2017

Governor Appointment Information

Register of Interest

Governor Full Name

Date of Appointment

Date Ceased Office

Appointing / Elective Body

Relevant Business / Pecuniary Interests

Other Educational Establishments Governed

Material Relationships (with staff or governors)

 Lynn Galbraith  12/3/2010  13th October 2016        
Gillian Trippier 12/3/2010 May 27th October        
Maureen Taylor 1st September 2011 August 31st 2016        

5. Governing Board Attendance Record

 Governor Full Name     Meetings (Y if attended)



  Standards  Curriculum and Pupils  Human Resources  Full Governing Body  Finance and Premises  
  12th June 2018  17th October 2018  18th October 2018 24th October 2018  15th October 2018  
Peter Patterson (Chair)   Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  
Margaret Meehan       Yes  Yes Yes  
Winefride Claber     Yes    Yes    
Mr P Dawson   Yes    Yes  Yes  Yes  
Chris Hanson  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  
Sara Tattersall         Yes    
Mrs Kelly Reading   Yes  Yes  No    
Cathryn Ball (Vice Chair)  Yes      Yes    
Helen Williamson  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  
Angela Whitworth        Yes