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Year 4 – The Writer of This Poem

Year 4 have really enjoyed our Poetry work this term. Here you will find more great work for you to enjoy. 

For this poem the children looked at the work of the poet Roger McGough . He created a poem using similes to describe the writer of the poem.

Once they had reminded themselves of what a simile was, Year 4 were set a challenge to write a poem about themselves using similes using the same title as the poem ‘ The Writer of This Poem’. 

They really worked hard as you can see from their work below.

If you have enjoyed the poems the children have produced, write a comment below and include a simile to describe yourself. Have fun !

2 Comments on ‘Year 4 – The Writer of This Poem’

    1. You really enjoyed our unit of work on Poetry and were really enthusiastic.
      It inspired you to write your own about Baking, well done.
      If you write any more remember to post them on here.

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