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Year 4 When I Heard the Music Poems inspired by Pie Corbett

During our poetry unit of work in Spring 1  we looked at different poems by Pie Corbett. 

In his poem ‘When I Heard the Music’ he used different pieces of music to inspire him to the 5  verses of the poem.

The children used his poem to  write their own versions . 

First, the children listened to each of the 5 pieces of music I had chosen. These were:-

Piece of Music 1 = The Hall of the Mountain King – 

Piece of Music 2 = Blinded by Your Grace by Stormzy

Piece  of Music  3 = Going Home – The Hovis theme tune

Piece of Music 4 = The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy 

Piece of Music 5 =  Can’t Stop The Feeling – from Trolls 

The children was asked to listen to each piece of music with their eyes closed. The second time they listened the children was asked to draw what came into their mind. Once they had drawn their picture they wrote a brief description to explain what they had imagined which they then used to create the verses of their poem. 

They put so much effort into each part of this creative process and really enjoyed producing their work. 

Take a look below at the poems they created. I am sure you will be very impressed. 

We hope you have enjoyed year 4’s work. If you have please put a comment below. 

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