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Year 4 – Bramall Hall Part 2

When we arrived at the front door of the hall it was opened by two maids , Molly and Betsy. We asked if we could come into the hall but they would not let us in as they didn’t want to get in trouble for letting strangers into the house while Lord and Lady Davenport were away. So they closed the door on us! 

Eventually, after a few more attempts, they let us in. 

We split into two groups. One group spent time finding out about Tudor games like shuffleboard, entertainment and toys while the other group found out about herbs and how they were used to freshen the air. We even had a go a juggling. 

We swapped over so we all experienced the same things. 

Lunchtime – the feast! 

We took lunch with us so we enjoyed our lunch in Tudor style to. 

Four children were chosen by Mistress Elizabeth to join her on the top table. This was a long table where the important guests sat to eat. There was a large salt pot in the centre of the table,  this was a sign of wealth in Tudor times especially if the pot was full because salt was very, very expensive.

Can you see the large salt pot on the long table on the first picture?

Can you see how lunch was different in Tudor times? Have a look at the pictures below. 

After lunch, we moved upstairs to the Great Hall, this was absolutely beautiful. Here we learnt how to dance like the Tudors. We listened to the Minstrels play the music and Mistress Elizabeth taught us two dances which we performed really well. One of the dances was the Pavane. We had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves. 

During our Tudor experience,  we found out about different musical instruments from this time in history. We had fun trying to play them , some made some very strange noises ! We even had chance to form a Tudor band !

Throughout the day the children were referred to as Mistresses and Masters so here they are outside Bramall Hall.

As ever the children were a real credit to their parents and  represented our school very well. They made a very good impression on the staff at Bramall Hall who were very complimentary about the children’s manners, behaviour, attitude and enthusiasm. 

A great day was had by all. Thank you Year 4. 

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