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Jeff Rich Drumming Masterclass – 30th January 2018

On Tuesday 30th January 2018 , we welcomed Jeff Rich the former drummer of the famous rock band Status Quo to our school. 

He treated us to a drumming masterclass where all pupils developed their understanding of the many different drums from around the world and were taught how they were played. The children had great fun learning different drumming techniques and even playing along with our very special visitor. 

Here are some of the drums that the children learned about and heard being played.

Take a look at the clips below to see Jeff Rich demonstrate how to play the drums …..

Talking Drum Demonstration

Jeff chose individual children from each class to play each of the drums after he had demonstrated playing them.

Every child had the opportunity to play percussion instruments along with Jeff as he played his drum kit.

The staff joined in to! 

What an great experience !

More to follow …………..

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