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Year 4 – Tropical World Visit – Part 2 The Rainforest Workshop

Year 4 spent the  afternoon session in the Woodland area of Roundhay Park.

Here the children found out information about the trees that they would find in the Rainforests and then compared  these trees to our native woodland trees. 

The children took part in an activity where they had to use a Key and try and identify which trees were in the woodland by their leaves. The children listened carefully to instructions and worked well in small groups or pairs. 

Were there any that they couldn’t identify? 

Whilst in the woodland the children learned how to measure the height of a tree using a metre stick. 


Year 4  had great fun and worked well. It wasn’t an easy task …… but with help, every group managed to measure the height of their tree. 

The final activity was to explore how to find the age of a tree , here the children had to use tape measures and work well as a team in order to work out how old their tree was. Multiplication and division skills were definitely put to the test !

Can anyone remember how to do this? 

Everyone had a great time and co-operated well.

We loved the sound of the crunching of the crisp leaves as we walked back to the coach at the end

of our Rainforest experience.



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