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Year 3 & Year 4 Easter Production 26th March 2018

Over the last couple of weeks, Year 3 and Year 4 have been very busy learning their lines and practicing the songs in preparation for their Easter Production. 

This year the children were performing ‘Easter Children’. Through this play Year 3 & Year 4 told the Easter story. They have worked so hard and were as enthusiastic as ever.

The  Cast ,,,,,

‘Easter Children told the story of what happened during Holy Week. It starts with Palm Sunday where the crowds were waving palm leaves and welcoming Jesus ,whilst riding on a humble donkey,  into the great city of Jerusalem. Palm leaves were a symbol of peace and victory. 

Two disciples met with Jesus to arrange a meal later.

The story continued when Judas met with the chief priests and decided what his sign would be to get Jesus arrested. 

Jesus met with his disciples in a room where they celebrated the Pass-over feast. This was the final meal that Jesus and his disciples shared together, it is known as the Last Supper. During this meal Jesus tells his disciples that some of them will betray him, one denying that he ever knew him at all. 

Jesus shares bread and wine with his disciples and explains what will happen. He tells the disciples that the bread is like his body and the wine is like his blood. 

Following this meal, Jesus asked his disciples to go with him into the Garden of Gethsemane where he went to pray. He asked his disciples to keep watch but they all fell asleep.

Peter was out walking when he was approached by two girls, they said they knew him and had seen him with Jesus. 

He denied he knew Jesus three times just like Jesus had said at the Last Supper and before the cockrell had crowed three times. 

Judas came with the soldiers and kissed him on the cheek, this was the sign that he told the Chief Priests he would use so the soldiers knew who Jesus was. 

Jesus was taken in front of Pontius Pilate and the Chief Priests. There was a large crowd, the same crowd that welcomed Jesus in to Jerusalem waving palm leaves. Every year during the Pass-over feast, Pilate chose to release a prisoner. The crowd shouted for  ‘Barrabas’ to be released and Jesus was chosen to be Crucified like a common criminal. 

Jesus’ body was taken to a tomb and his friends , Mary , Mary Magdalene and Salome went to it. When they got there, they realised that the stone had been moved and his body had gone. 

They were very upset at this. Then Jesus appeared to them and they realised that he had risen from the dead. He told Mary to go and tell his disciples that she had seen Jesus , she did as she was told,

The children told the story very well indeed and can all be proud of their performances today. Their acting,  singing  and behaviour was absolutely superb. 

They finished their performance off by singing a song of praise.

Well done to all the staff and children of  Year 3 and Year 4.

A big thank you to to all the parents, carers, and grandparents  who helped their children learn their lines and attend the performances today.

You definitely understand the true meaning of Easter,

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  1. I really enjoyed being a servant girl because it was very good explaining what Jesus went through.
    and when I went to church on Palm Sunday that when Jesus was taken to pilot he thought at first he was innocent but the crowd wanted jesus on the cross so then the crowd told pilot about jesus so the they wanted him crucified with barrabas who was a very bad man and a thief on the other side of him.

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