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Year 4 – Tropical World Tour – Part 1

Last term, as part of our work on the Rain Forest, Year 4 visited Tropical World in Roundhay Park , Leeds. 

They were very well behaved throughout and were a real credit to the school. 

Year 4  had a great time and learnt a lot about the different layers of the Rainforest, from the Forest floor to the Emergent layer. The children found out what types of trees they would find there and the animals that would live in each of the different layers. 

We started by walking through the Forest Floor area of Tropical World. The one thing that everyone noticed straight away was the temperature – it was very warm and humid indeed.  We had to take our coats off !

We saw water droplets on the large leaves as we walked along. Here are some of the trees, leaves , animals and insects we saw in this area. 

We looked at the fish that we would find in the rivers from the tiny ones to the very large ones too!

Take a look below to find out more…….

We saw an unusual looking turtle it was called a Snake Necked Turtle. 

During our tour around Tropical World we found some reptiles to. 

How many can you name? 

There were many species of birds we met as we continued our tour around. 

Finally, we spent some time watching the meerkats. Everyone found them fascinating to watch as they played. 

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