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Caritas Ambassador Commissioning 29th November 2018

On Thursday 29th November , Miss Holmes, Mrs Scallan and the Caritas Ambassadors attended the Caritas Ambassadors Day at the Diocese in Salford.

The morning session was really good and the children took part in a training session along with children from other schools within the Diocese of Salford. 

During this session the children learnt about what Caritas means and the work that is done throughout many local communities.

The children found out that …..

Caritas is a charity inspired by a love of God and neighbour.

“Love is the only thing that can fill hearts and bring people together. GOD IS LOVE.”

Part of their training involved discussing what they thought made a good leader. They had a super sensible  group discussion and shared their ideas amongst themselves in a mature way. They took turns whilst speaking and listened carefully to each other.



Then they had to choose a spokesperson for the group who then went out to share the ideas they had discussion. 

Here you can see Sister Judith speaking to one of our Ambassadors about what they had discussed. Sister Judith was very interested in our ‘ALWAYS’ badges and asked what it meant and how the children at our school got one. 

Another activity involved learning about the Big 7 Topics . Sister Judith talked about the importance of each of these topics and the children were asked to try and think what each one meant. It was important to learn about each of these as these would be the areas we had to consider for our Action Plan later on. 

The children were amazing and really impressed members of the training team, Miss Holmes and myself with their understanding of these topics. They confidently asked and answered questions as they shared their ideas thinking deeply about how these would have an impact on people amongst our communities. 

Once they had understood what each topic was meant,  they were then asked to create  an action plan to help them help the community. 

The main focuses that the children spoke about was  trying to make the local environment better for everyone who visits and lives near St Theresa’s. They spoke passionately about their ideas and how they were going to try and make a difference by:

  • improving the entrance to school 
  • the walk to school – having to walk past the vandalised wall
  • litter – they were fed up of seeing dumped litter and rubbish on their way to school
  • Dog mess – thinking of ways to encourage people to clear up the mess their animals leave behind. 

These were just some of the things they discussed that would form part of their action plan. 

Different members of the group spoke during the feedback part and confidently addressed everyone else there. 

They  answered questions from other school pupils and impressed us all with their organisation of their ideas and cooperation . 
















Watch this space for our completed Action Plan !

After lunch,  we were taken to Salford Cathedral where the commissioning took place by Father David Glover.

During the commissioning service we sang hymns, prayed together and shared Scripture. 

This scripture was read.

A reading from a letter of St Paul’s to the Corinthians 12: 4-7

‘There are many different gifts, but it is always the same spirit; there are many different ways of serving, but it is always the same Lord. There are many different forms of activity,  but in everybody it is the same God who is at work in them all.’

Each school was called forward  one at a time and the children were presented to Father Glover by their name. Each Caritas Ambassador was presented with a badge and a certificate to celebrate their appointment. Father Glover then blessed us and sent us back to our schools and parishes to carry out the work God asks us to do.

It was a very special time for the children and staff of St Theresa’s who were all commissioned as Ambassadors together. 


2 Comments on ‘Caritas Ambassador Commissioning 29th November 2018’

  1. Miss Holmes and I were so proud of all the children during this event. It was a very special occasion they were so well behaved and good mannered as always.
    They will make fantastic ambassadors for our school. Well done everyone!
    Wear your badges with pride.

    1. Thank you so much Mrs Scallan and Miss Holmes for organising this.
      We have enjoyed our day and was really excited to get commissioned.

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